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Prepainted Steel Coils

Prepainted steel coils are produced from base materials of galvanized steel coils or galvalume steel coils, using our advanced prepainting technique to paint one layer or multilayers of coat. It is also called colour painted steel because of different colour options. It has perfect quality of anti-corrosion, artistic good looking and easy to install.
Product Details

Prepainting products are our main products in our company. Since the operation of the prepainting production line, Yuanding New Material Technology has been always supplying high quality products to customers, producing better products, strictly controlling the quality of products and always improving production lines. We adopted prepainting machines with advance technology from abroad, and the line is also equipped with protection film devices. According to customers’ different requirements, we have cooperated with international famous paint suppliers and domestic high quality suppliers in recently years. We have developed several high quality and high performance painted products including: prepainted steel for home appliance use, materials for cold rooms, antistatic prepainted steel coils, self-purified prepainted steel coils, highly durable prepainted steel coils, wrinkle prepainted steel coils and printed steel coils in order to meet various customers’ requirements.


Prepainted Steel Coil for Home Appliance

The painting surface looks beautiful and exquisite, and the products can satisfy with different customers who need different colors. Good quality of anti-corrosion makes it popular in the production of refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, window rails and tracks, microwave ovens and other appliance.

Prepainted Steel Coil for Cold Rooms

Through continuous development and improvement, our company has equipped with special epoxy back primer for adhesiveness of PU foaming and even for high-speed gluing production lines. Such products are used in the area of industrial cold rooms’ walls and roofing sandwich panels and etc.

Anti-static Prepainted Steel Coils

Using perfect base material and painting special conductive coat to produce anti-static prepainted steel coils in order to keep away dust and particles from sticking onto the surface of the coils so that it keeps the surface clean as well as static free. The products are used in the hospitals, electronic plants, food processing plant and other places that need anti-static environment.

High Durable Prepainted Steel Coils

Using high durable weather-resistant paint to ensure anti-corrosion and weather-resistant quality of such prepainted steel coils, and the surface color and gloss will keep much longer than normal paint. We can supply different high durable prepainted steel coils according to customers’ requirements, such as high durability polyester painted steel, silicone modified polyester painted steel and PVDF painted steel and so on. It’s widely applied in the area of high UV rays, high alkali and acid environment, for example, buildings or projects that are near the sea and polluted areas.

Wrinkle Prepainted Steel Coils

The surface of prepainted steel coils makes an effect of wrinkles. It meets the demand of customers’ requirement on the different roughness of the surface. Such products are good decorative and building materials mainly used in the roofings of villas, building of scenic spots and city decorations and etc.

Printed Prepainted Steel Coils

Printed prepainted steel coils are produced by the technique of three-layer painting double sides. On the surface it’s painted with primer plus top paint and then use lacquer to be coated in order to increase gloss as well as protect the ink layer. Usually the printed prepainted steel coils have wood colors, stone colors and camouflage types and other patterns according to customers’ requirements. Such products are mainly used in the decoration of indoor project like doors, villa walls and so on because of diversified appearance. 

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